The best freeride edits of 2015... OK, the year isn't done yet - we might add to this list if a someone throws a fresh banger out there - but here are the freeride edits that have made the biggest impression on us this year, in no particular order. (There may be one or two red herrings in there.)

There's one name that stands out above the rest, a phenomenal rider who has put out a great number of the best edits and contest runs in 2015... Brandon Semenuk. The guy is unbelievable. We could have included every one of the Fest Series' vids, but we kept it to our favourite. It's hard to call the line between 'dirt', 'slope' and 'freeride' too. Is it all the same? Is Pure Darkness freeride or dirt? Has anyone ever known what freeride is anyway? One thing we know is that hitting a monster step up pedal to the metal on a hardtail is gnarly as hell.

These are, in our opinion, the best internet-released edits of the year... They have all either taken off in a big way for good reason. Think we've missed something? Let us know in the comments.

Anyway... enjoy!