I used to have an old Casio watch, it had a tiny calculator on it which I had to operate with a tooth pick. Still it got me through Gsce mathmatics with a grade C, bonus.

Anyway the folk at Casio are re-releasing the Casio G-Shock GLX-5600-1ER G-LIDE (which sounds like a motorbike to me, not the noise I mean the name.)

This one has got a stop watch so you can time your DH runs and it's also waterproof to 200m, so you can race in Scotland and Wales fall in a puddle and still be okay. They're knocking them out at £69.99 which isn't bad for a slice of retro coolness.

Available at all good (and sometimes bad) watch shops.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Whoo, looks quite funky this big (this isn't the actual size you know).

The retro Casio watch strikes back