BOS Engineering teams up with TF Tuned for the UK market

Following a few years’ absence from the ‘MTB’ game, Olivier Bossard’s company, BOS Engineering, began to make its MTB comeback in 2007 with the introduction of their DH ‘07 rear shock & fork cartridge kits. They’ve been busy applying their bicycle suspension expertise to rally cars and motorcycles and are now doing the reverse. The DH ’07 and BOS cartridge-equipped 888 has been ridden to increasing success by privateer Fabien Pedemanaud, who reached 4th place at the World Cup in Maribor. BOS products are now to be handled by TF Tuned for the UK market.

Tim from TF Tuned said "Having known and worked with Olivier during his years as Nicolas Vouilloz’s suspension engineer, we’re really looking forward to representing them in the UK. BOS products have always had an extremely high reputation for both build quality and performance, so for TF Tuned to team up with them is an obvious match. We will be servicing existing BOS products in addition to marketing the exciting line-up of new products coming in the next few months."

Prices and technical information will appear on our website as more information about new products becomes available.

From BOS’s point of view...

Bos-Engineering is proud to announce its entry into the UK through TFT. At Bos Engineering, we know Tim and Helen Flooks very well, from years of following the downhill race circuit at the time when Olivier Bossard developed the factory Sunn range, and later Nicolas Vouilloz’s V Process. During that time, TF tuned riders always did very well, often fi - nishing ... second, just behind Bossard’s riders! Competition was always fi erce but respectful, and allowed us to see Tim’s professional and personal qualities! The UK market is today one of the most dynamic in DH, with a very high skill level and good grasp of technology. So at BOS, we needed to be represented by someone very committed, with guaranteed quality service in line with our high standard products. The TFT solution was by far the best for us. We totally trust TFT to develop BOS in the UK, and we’re really excited about all the things we can achieve together.

Jean-Christophe Charrier

PR Manager, MTB

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

BOS TFtuned