A guy called Mabbz has designed this Dirt tee shirt "A combination of two favourites, Dirt mountain bike magazine and AC/DC" on teepay.

Looks good to me.

Not quite sure how teepay works (it says below, dumbass) but sounds like if enough people vote for it in 14 days, the tee will get made.

Like what you see? Go check it out here.


teepay is a place where you can buy, design and make money from T-shirts. We set it up because, like you, we love T-shirts.

We thought it would be great to have a place where anyone in the world can submit a T-shirt design that they would like to wear. The teepay communitee can then browse through the submissions and place an order for their favourite designs. If within 14 days a design gets over green print quantity, then it gets printed and sold in our online store (a sort of design democracy, if you like). The designer is then entitled to a percentage of the money from sales of his or her design. If your design gets is under green print quantity by the 14th day we will grant your design an additional bonus of 7 days just to give you a bit more of a chance.

All designs are printed on 100% organic cotton T-shirts and cost £25 for mens and £20 for womens.