We've just been sent an update on Tara's condition heres what they say;

As you may or may not know, Tara crashed in the Jeep King of the Mountain race on Saturday, September 1 in Vail, Colorado. She was airlifted to Denver Health Hospital, where she underwent 7 hours of surgery to correct massive trauma in her lower back. She also has a C-7 fracture which was deemed stable prior going into surgery.

Tara once again made it through another surgery and is now breathing on her own and able to communicate with friends and family. Unfortunately at this time she has no feeling below her waist, a symptom she suffered as a result of her crash.

We will continue to learn more about her injuries in the upcoming weeks and will continue to keep you posted. Since coming out of surgery, Tara, drugged and very happy, has kept in good spirit and has promised not to let this beat her.

We ask that you have as much faith as Tara does throughout this difficult period. In the meantime, we are hoping Tara will be able to come back home in 1 to 2 weeks. If you would like to send anything, she is at:

Denver Health Medical Center 777 Bannock Street, Room A224 Denver Colorado, 80204

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