Morning team, been sniffing about on the web and got some race results for you from the first round of the Taff Buggy race series. Apparently, conditions were perfect, and the day was a massive success, with around 80 riders taking part.

Here are some top threes:


1. Dan Stanbridge


1. Leon Rosser

2. Ashley Maller

3. Seb Frost


1. Ryan Lewis

2. Lee Hamer

3. Stephen Green

Senior Female: 1. Manon Carpenter

2. Lianne Bartleman

3. Kate Betts

Youth Male:

1. Billy Matthews

2. Josh Lewis

3. Jordan Clift

Check out the full race results here

Take a look at some images here.

And when you’ve finished doing that, we should have the Parkins brothers’ first dirttv vid for you, fresh from the Maxxis Cup... taff-buggy-race-results