A mountain biker from Wiltshire is searching for a good Samartian who helped him when he broke his neck attempting a gap jump at West Woods, near Marlbrough.

The rider, Michael, 52, was out riding with his two teenage sons on March 12 when he attempted the jump. It went awry and he ended up breaking his neck in three places in an area without phone signal. Thankfully another rider, Mike, was on hand to rescue the situation.

Mike raised the alarm at a local farmhouse and stayed with Michael for hours until the emergency services arrived. He also drove Michael's two sons home while Michael was taken to hospital. After a month in hospital, Michael is on the road to recovery and is now trying to find Mike to thank him.

Credit: BBC Wiltshire Facebook
Michael Brown Facebook

At the moment all Michael knows is:

  • "First name is Mike.
  • Lives in Swindon
  • Occupation: plumber (I think)
  • He’s about 5′ 8" quite stocky
  • Rides a very old reconditioned full suss"

Michael also believes Mike was in his 20s or 30s and might have mentioned that his partner was expecting a baby soon. Michael told BBC Wiltshire: "I'm not sure exactly what happened. The bike came over the back of me and my head went all the way back on to my shoulder blades and I broke my neck. I'm quite lucky to be neither dead or paralysed and I want to meet Mike, talk to him and thank him."

If you have any info contact info@mbswindon.co.uk who will be able to pass it on to Michael.