It's Sunday, it's a Bank Holiday Weekend which means no school or work tomorrow, whoop whoop!

Put the kettle on, actually forget the kettle, crack open a Watneys party seven and pop open a family bag of Quavers, lock all doors, put the phone in the fridge, lie back on the sofa with your Watneys and Quavers in easy arms reach and indulge yourself in Sunday Cinema. It is Bank Holiday weekend after all and you've got to live on the edge, the very edge, right on the sharp bit every now and then haven't you? If it really is that sharp you might need a new sofa. Enjoy!!!

Avalanche Cup Lyon 2012. Looks like a ton of fun, specially the short course mass start enduro!

Some Whistler summer flow with Matt Wakefield

Mans best friend guarding a bike.

Nepal Mountain Bike - Himalayan High.

One hell of a descent! Follow local rider Mandil Pradhan as he rides in the shadows of the world's highest mountains, through mystic Himalayan villages, on trails that have been trodden upon for centuries.

British 4X Series Round 2 PORC Kent. Looks almost as wet as the 4x ProTour last night in Poland.

"A bicycle is a comfortable and cheap way to get about, a great boon to man." Love this posh look at Raleigh Bicycles from 1945.

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation.

It's 20" wheels, but I love these secret indoor spots. Anyone got any indoor dirt spots they want to tell me about? I won't blab, honest.

RIP Adam Yauch. Beastie Boys - Sabotage