It's Sunday, there's bat all on the telly so pull up a chair pour yourself a glass of pop corn and settle down for Sunday Cinema.

Rising Up is an Australian Downhill Mountain Bike Documentary following the 2011-2012 Australian National Series, Featuring 4 of Australia's best young riders, Troy Brosnan, Tracey Hannah, Joey Vejvoja and Andrew Crimmins.

The 10th DH race at Barr / France.

Gee Milner's take on the Combe Syd Halo BDS. (Warning: Contains graphic pheasant pecking scenes.)

THROUGH MY EYES is a mini-series about the adventures of C├ędric Gracia, all condensed down to just 4:53. Camera in hand, he leads us through competitions and other events, immersing us into the world of the CG Racing Brigade...

Nitro Circus: The Australia Tour: Episode Two

Will there be any riders left in one piece by the time this show hits the UK?!

Click the photo or click here to watch Main man Harry doing some bonkers tricks on a 20".