The guys over at CycleMart, Ceredigion, West Wales (halfway between Aberystwyth & Carmarthen) have been digging a sweet new dirt park which sounds like a great asset to riders in that area. Check it out.

Here's what Simon from CycleMart says:

I've attached some pics of the work in progress. Once we have got the jumps and pump track dialled we have another three acres of shore, skinnies, drop offs, mini rock gardens blah blah blah. We have just put a sprog track in so that wee 1's can start to shred. Everything is being catered towards progression and fun.

Membership will be offered at three package levels and all will be kept sensible. session fees will be super affordable (£2.50/£3.50) so that we don't make it tricky for juniors to use the facility.

We are hoping to get a system in place so that the track has a good range of kit available for folk to try, we want to be able to let riders get their mitts on sorted kit so that they see what a high standard of ride offers and have chance to see what they are capable of on a dialled bike. Also we will be doing plenty tuition, events and social stuff.

Worth also mentioning...The whole area is going off like crazy !! We got dig happy fools all over the place. There really is a great deal of grass roots effort being put in by local riders. More spots coming all the time, more riders offering their peers lifts/help etc and more fresh talent rising the ranks. It's a seriously noticeable undercurrent and one that now needs a little assistance to bring these guys together.