Stevie Smith goes fastest in timed practice today, 2.5 seconds faster than Gee, Stevie is one of the only people with an ounce of chance to catch Gee in the overall, and perhaps this track will suit Stevie more than Gee.

Harry Heath the fastest privateer on the circuit is sitting in 6th position, it'd be amazing to see him hold on to that position.

Ragot goes fastest in the women’s, but with many of the top girls not putting a time in yesterday, it's hard to tell how quick of time this is.


1st - Stevie Smith

2nd - Sam Blenkinsop

3rd - Gee Atherton

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1st - Emmeline Ragot

2nd - Jamie Hill

3rd - Alison Zimmer

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Timed practice is really something for the riders who want to know where they are, there isn't any points at stake, so a lot of riders don't put a proper time in, still interesting to look at though.