Watch the video and see how the 2012 SPS team fares at Combe Sydenham.

The SPS team is looking massive! They could start a football team with that many riders!


Following two days of training at UK Bike Park the SPS team compete at the first Halo British Downhill Series of the year under the wing of Steve Peat.

Hoping to continue the success of last year's team there were some nerves as for many of the members, such as Nils, Glen, Matt Glynn and Alex Barker, this was their first national or their first race in a new category. Riding new carbon V10s with Fox and Shimano finishing kit maintained by a fully qualified mechanic the team is in the best position to deliver results! More Mountain Biking Videos

Venturing over from the Enduro team and after a long break from downhill Neil Donoghue raced this round and won his Expert category by a convincing 1.3 seconds.

With many other good results despite the odd crash here and there the team looks forward to the next round at Fort William in May. Where racing takes place on one of the toughest tracks of the World Cup circuit, a real challenge for everyone.

Healing thoughts go out to Irvin Creighton who would have been racing in Veteran category had he not broken his hand in training.


Full team results:

James Swinden (Elite) 22nd

Neil Donoghue (Expert) 1st

Dale Russell (Expert) 16th

Michael Vickers (Expert) 38th

Josh Lewis (Expert) 54th

Brad Swinbank (Youth) 12th

Nils Williams (Youth) 25th

Billy Matthews (Junior) 17th

Freddie Oxley (Junior) 20th

Alex Barker (Junior) 43rd

Jack Read (Junior) DNF

Matthew Glynn (Senior) 62nd

Glen Peppett (Veteren) 8th