Steve Peat was roosting the dusty turns of the Sant Andreu de Barca downhill race recently. The organisers have beamed over the video and although it might have Spanish commentary there is some flat out riding and some World Cup names are clearly getting up to speed for the first race of the season.


Traditional podium Champagne dousing

Top 5 Men

1st - Bernat Guardia - 1.47.58

2nd - Steve Peat - 1.48.05

3rd - Ivan Moreno Oulego - 1.48.55

4th - Toni Ferreiro - 1.48.90

5th - Ferran Jorba Prats (Junior) - 1.49.18


Ivan Moreno

We might not be able to understand the commentary but it did remind us of some Fast Show comedy gold from Chanel 9....can't think why?