Sram introduces the 10 speed Grip Shift.

I had a Grip Shift on my Cannondale Super V3000 back in the day that must have saved me a fortune in broken trigger shifters the amount of times I spent upside down. Though I do remember having to use two hands to change gear every now and then, which is probably more to do with having a worn cable than anything else.

Anyway it's back! What are your experiences with the gripper?


The original SRAM Grip Shift burst onto the scene in 1990, when Greg Herbold used it to win the first-ever Downhill World Championship. As XC and DH racing grew in global popularity, elite racers grew to embrace Grip Shift. XC legends John Tomac, Ned Overend and Thomas Frischknecht swore by it. Downhill stars like Anne-Caroline Chausson joined Herbold in adding it to their arsenal.

Today, athletes are riding farther and harder than ever before, pushing the limits of component technology. It’s time for the next chapter in Grip Shift history. Designed for SRAM 2X10, the all-new Grip Shift has been reengineered from the inside out. And, in true form, its inaugural race was Jaroslav Kulhavy’s 2011 XC World Championship win. Simply put, it’s one of the most advanced shifters ever created.


Precision-built, Grip Shift has been reengineered from the inside out, making it one of our most technically advanced shifters ever. Designed for no-holds-barred, high-performance racing, Grip Shift handles any conditions with ease.

Grip Shift will be available in both the XX and X0 families, compatible with all SRAM 2X10 product families. 10-Speed XX and X0 Grip Shift will be available April 2012.