Rene Wildhaber pinning it in Val d'Allos France at the Enduro World Series

Rene Wildhaber styling it upĀ 

Victor Lucas has been with the SRAM Enduro riders all season and in these two videos he documents their racing. In 2013 Enduro went wild and the World Series took off, starting in Europe the series travelled the globe and the schedule for 2014 is even bigger.

The fastest racers in the world entered the Enduro World Series, the fact that a lot of ex-downhill racers are taking part by no mean reflects a discipline for riders winding their careers down. The fitness levels needed to be successful are bloody high, the ability to send a 160 bike down these trails at the speed these riders do is born from experience. Maybe it's the experience riders like Nico Vouilloz and Fabian Barel have from racing downhill with bugger all travel back in the day?


Nico Vouilloz will always be fast, no matter what bike he rides

With a new series the level of racing stepped up and there is no room for error, a mechanical, puncture or crash can put a rider back 20 places or more. The speeds are intense and racing never lets up, check out how the SRAM guys did in 2013 and what they thought of the season.

SRAM XX1 | Enduro | Part 1: Stepping Up

SRAM XX1 | Enduro | Part 2: Flat Out and Focused