Sprung is a funny word, if you say it over and over it sounds weird. But for you young pups who might not know, Sprung was a series of mountainbike videos by Alex Rankin and Milan Spasic that documented everything from local riding to World Cups from the late nineties onwards.

The Sprung series (there are five of them) had a very special vibe, energy and feel that I don't think has been replicated since.

This is your chance to buy into a piece of mountainbiking history to keep on your computer forever. I mean, they're only 5 Euros to download...bargain and unlike the word, you can watch Sprung over and over and it still looks great and doesn't sound wierd at all.

Buy Sprung here

From Sprung 1: "...the starting block, with a very local vibe this trip down memory lane will bring back menory of why you started riding, amazing crashes and very retro feel it should have any old skool mtb fan grinning from ear to ear, featuring a Steve Geall interview, the plymouth street..."

to Sprung 5: "...Like an agile beast in the forest, shadows flash, climbing, crossing, descending and jumping. Quiet as fire, swift as wind, confident as water, and sound as the earth underneath. Bicycles and Dirt….The complete harmony of the landscapes, machines and beings..."

iconic sprung mountainbike video series available online