Claudio Caluori has just posted a picture of the bike he rode the Leogang course preview on and, if we're not mistaken, it's running 29 inch wheels.

This means Scott has joined the like of Santa Cruz, Trek and Intense on the bigger wheels for the notoriously bike parky Leogang course.

Claudio said: "Just sent this baby over what felt like the biggest jump ever during my Go Pro run with Marcelo Gutierrez in Leogang. I'm still shaky! btw, noticed anything on my bike?"

Of course, this isn't the first Gambler running 29 inch wheels we've seen, remember Neko Mulally's experiment from last year? Although he did have to jam in the wheels and mill his fork arch.

We're not yet sure what changes have been made to the Gambler to fit in the bigger wheels but it definitely makes sense for a big guy like Claudio to be riding them. We're also unsure if Brendan and Gaetan have been convinced to ride them (Brendan has been pretty vocally against them in the past), but we're sure more will be revealed as the weekend goes on.