Looks like Spooky are back on the scene, heres what they have to say:

Spooky will be a name which is familiar to anyone who rode a bike on dirt in the mid to late 90's. Who can forget the powder blue coloured Metal Head's piloted by U.K team riders Chico Hook and Steve Geall going big at events like the Malvern Classic's Dirt Jump contests.

After years underground Spooky Bikes is set to rise again and challenge people's attitudes as the original niche, rider owned, rider run, micro brand. Still flowing with some original Spooky blood, the same core values cemented deep down and the ability to do things that little bit different.

A quick history lesson:

Spooky set its roots firmly in the U.S East Coast hard core music and punk scene way back in 1993 after they found other peoples products didn't live up to their riding needs. Finding they couldn't buy the equipment that suited their riding from the larger manufacturers of the time they formulated a plan. One meal and a napkin drawing later, Spooky Bikes was born. Starting out they produced t-shirts promoting the positive hardcore and straight-edge influence at the East Coast races before they generated the capital to start producing the frames they wanted and sticking two fingers to the big boys who couldn't see outside of the races.

Spooky were arguably the first people to start producing hard hitting hardtails and bikes capable of handling the ever increasing demands of the growing US and UK dirt and trail scenes and bikes like the Pitboss, Metal Head and Bandwagon were the desire of every rider.

T-shirts are ready to go now so contact Silverfish to order also check out Spooky for more info.

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