The summer race season is over and young riders are on the look out for some form of sponsorship to help them pursue their dreams!

Here's a look at Charlotte Hughes.


Name: Charlotte Hughes.

Age: 17.

Where do you live? Oswestry in Shropshire.

What bikes to you ride? Trek session 8 2010 for DH and Specialized Myka pro for XC.

How long have you been riding? About 3 years.

When was the last time you crashed? At the Pleney in the summer I went over the bars and landed on a fallen tree on my throat and sounded like a man for days!

What riders do you look up to? Rachel Atherton, Peaty, Cedric Gracia is such a legend and of course all of the guys I ride with who are hilairious and have been so kind letting me tag along to their uplifts every weekend.

What are your future plans? Another season out in Morzine next summer and hopefully race IXS cups, the mega and maybe some bigger races etc. followed by a ski season in Val D’isere. I would love to race world cups soon. As for an actual job when I’m a grown up, I’d like to work for MI6.

Tell us one interesting fact about you? I play guitar, badly.


Where do you usually ride? There’s loads of stuff around here but my favourite tracks are Llangollen and the Wobbler.

Where will you be in a years time? France I hope! I would love to be on the World Cup circuit by then and I’m going to work very hard to make sure I get there. I should probably go to Uni but right now I’m not interested.