Scott Marshall, Mr Speed Kings to you, just beamed over some bonus retro World Cup footage from 2009.

"I Just wanted to pass on a bonus video shown at a packed Speed Kings Showing in Edinburgh. The video looks back at my first year on the world cup scene in 2009. Its 25min long so your viewers might want to put the kettle on..."

"2009 was the year in which Mountain Bikes really came back into my life. I received a phone call early in the year from Stu Thomson at MTBcut. He asked if I’d be interested in heading out to the World Cups to produce daily update videos for MTBcut along with Chain Reaction Cycles Team Videos. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Luckily my employer at the time was very understanding and aloud me the time off."

"Up until this point I had barely travelled and had only ever been to a World Cup in Fort William. To be sat on a 12hr flight to the first round of the 2009 series in South Africa was nerve racking but equally exciting. My adventure kicked off from there when my taxi driver got completely lost trying to find his way to my B&B. "

"It took me 20+min to walk back in forth from the track everyday taking in streets with 6ft barbwire fences, raging guard dogs, the roar of crickets come night fall. Sleeping in airports, slow/no internet, I attended 6 rounds in 2009. I met so many brilliant people along the way, witnessed some amazing riding and topped it off with a few wild parties. "

"I learned so much in that one year I put myself through it again in 2010 to produce my film Speed Kings. It looks like 2011 is shaping up to be bigger and better again."

Pietermaritzburg, La Bresse, Andorra, Fort William, Maribor and Schladming were 6 of the tracks that year (plus Mont Sainte Anne and Bromont) but can you remember who won what, where and the overall?

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