Get your drift on! Good to see that the white stuff hasn't stopped you lot from going out on your wheels and getting sideways! And the good thing is that when you do bin it the landing is just that bit softer. And your bikes come back nice and clean too which is a bonus!

Some ace hardtail action up at Gisburn Forest.

Leckhampton Hill in the snow...

...and more Lecky action but with added metal

Watch out for those black holes!

Pete from Orange turning "clearing the carpark" into "building booters"
Vaughan 'The Stig' Evans plopping the carpark booter on his 322.

Pete Scullion from Orange Bikes is testing out the feasability of a Whitestyle slopestyle comp in the Halifax carpark:

Pete says: We had about 4 inches of snow here at Orange Bikes HQ overnight and the snow is still falling. While we can't ride at work, clearing the car park earlier we saw the perfect opportunity to get some features built for some urban snow hucking.

The snow booters have just been finished off, they just need some fresh powder on it and riding in before we grind the railing. The winner will be whoever manages to get past the weight limit sign and the Orange Vito without hitting the deck or manages to huck the railing onto the flatbed going the other way.

We'll be hitting the energy drinks hard and watching some Whistler A-Line edits all afternoon to get stoked on sending these later.

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