In a new feature we're calling "Shop Talk" (it could be "Talking Shop" next week or even "Hop Stalking" the week after, but for now it's "Shop Talk") we have a quick chat to bike shops up and down the country to find out what's what.

First up is Supernova Cycles from Newbury in Berkshire.


Who works at Supernovacycles? Cristian, Nathan, & Buster the dog

Who's your old timer? Cristian’s dad, Bob! He rides fast with loaded panniers!

Old timer Bob

And who's the best person to ask for if you've got a set of blown forks? Both of us.

How long have you been running for? We can't run for shit but have been selling and riding bikes for twenty-five years.


What are your main brands? Lapierre, GT, K9industries and more.

What's your biggest seller? Inner tubes!!!

What would you like to be your biggest seller? Our reputation ☺

26, 27.5, or 29"…good thing or bad thing? Easy : 26 for DH & XC. 27.5 for Enduro/XC/Trail and 29er for 6ft + XC.

And what's the oldest/most random bit of stock you've got? A 1991 first generation Pace RC35 plus lots lots more (museum coming) or a 1987 Muddyfox courier! Or even a Troy Lee Edge helmet.

Who makes the best cup of tea? Buster with a cocked hind leg and a bag of sugar in his teeth.

Who always rocks up late and hungover? Cristian

What's your favourite workshop tool? Rotor Bender(er)

Joe Winston.

Have you got a race team? HELL YES!! We've got Richard Simpson, Cristian Tomlinson, Harry Ives, Joe Winston, Matt Lynn and Nate Jerome.

What question do you get asked most often? Do we sell Specialized? NO!!!

Do you have a shop dog? Yes, Buster.

Sit. Stay. Buster The Dog.

Percentage of nice customers to nightmare ones? 100% nice. We love everybody x

On that note, any funny stories you can share with us? A customer throws a key on the counter. I look at customer, blankly (left eyebrow slightly raised) then the customer says: “Have you got a lock for it?"

What's the best custom bike build you've done recently? Ragley Piglet.

Any good tunes wafting over the shop airwaves? Depends on where you are stood. (front of shop or workshop).

Staff toilet…Buckingham Palace or Trainspotting?Old dirty flush-chain job with an 80’s Honda moto sticker and a family of dead spiders looking bored, but still scary.

Dirty Hands.

Best place to go riding locally? Greenham Common, jump the nuclear base!

And finally, why should someone shop at your shop? Because we are honest, hardworking, dedicated, don’t bullshit, we have cheap labour rates, and are very very good for cuddles. x


If you'd like to feature in Shop Talk then hit up the man with the plan