Shop talk is back, this time we headed over to Hampshire to see what Crank Cycles had to say for themselves.

Who works at Crank Cycles?

Martin and Sam, plus Saturday ‘Newboy’ Dan

Who's your old timer?

Sam - At 27 he wouldn’t class himself as an ‘old timer’ but the others may disagree!


And who's the best person to ask for if you've got a set of blown forks?

Sam knows his way around a pair of Boxxers pretty darn well, but either of us will get you sorted.

How long have you been running for?

15 months.

What are your main brands?

Bikes - Kona, Nukeproof, Lapierre, and Ghost.

Parts – Raceface, Leatt, 661, One Industries, CamelBack, Fox, 100%, Urge, Endura, Renthal + Lots more!

What's your biggest seller?

Gotta be Spicys and Zestys at the moment; everything from the humble Zesty 214 all the way up to the mountain eating Spicy 916 EI.


What would you like to be your biggest seller?

I love the personality of the big-hitting Kona’s (Operator/Entourage) so I’d love to see them going out on a daily basis (Sam).


26, 27.5, or 29"….good thing or bad thing?

We’re staunch supporters of the good ol’ 26", and not really interested in 29ers, but gotta admit that 27.5 is looking very strong at the minute.

And what's the oldest/most random bit of stock you've got?

It has got to be our prized racing delivery-trike circa 1920-something. What a ripper!


Who makes the best cup of tea?

We would say Newboy, but we recently discovered that he’s a ‘milk-before-water’ type of guy so it’d have to be the boss man Martin.

Who always rocks up late and hung-over?

Sam is most likely to be hanging but is very rarely late, Martin definitely takes that accolade.

What's your favourite workshop tool?

The trusty hammer is a classic, but I reckon our shiny Enduro Seals bearing press is the most satisfying to use. Although we did have our ‘tyre sitter’ modelled by a customer recently so we could blag up a free calendar from Unior Tools!


Have you got a race team?

We support Thomas ‘Weasel’ Davies as part of the Kona Grassroots DH team, as well as a couple of BMXers, trials riders and a national level triathlete.


What question do you get asked most often?

Can I get you a drink? least that’s what I imagine happens. Realistically it’s more likely to be “Do you have an inner tube?" or “Have you got one of these...(pulls out random bolt of unknown origin)?"

Do you have a shop dog?

Sam’s Greyhound ‘Jack’ pops in every now and again, but he doesn’t know the length of his own face so he’s constantly bashing into stuff…that goes for his propeller-like tail too!

Percentage of nice customers to nightmare ones?

75%-25% on an average day, but there are always THOSE days where you get the opposite.

On that note, any funny stories you can share with us?

We do have a particularly friendly lady who comes in to see her ‘nephew’ Martin for kisses and cuddles every now and again…..

What's the best custom bike build you've done recently?

Nukeproof Mega AM with full Saint groupset, Fox 36 Talas, Stealth Reverb (when it arrives!), custom wheels and other shiny shiny finishing kit. She’s mean!!


Any good tunes wafting over the shop airwaves?

DJ Sam is always on that: everything from D’n’B and techno through to atmospheric house, psy-trance, ska, blues, rock and metal; there’s always a party going off!

Staff toilet…Buckingham Palace or Trainspotting?

Meh, nothing special either way (though it does take a pasting!). It does however have quite a ‘chatty’ nature and will often pipe up (pun intended) of its own accord.

Best place to go riding locally?

For a little DH/FR, look no further than Rogate (who we support as a main site sponsor). Sam is heavily involved in the local DH scene and is always happy to give advice on the current hot-spots.

For trail bashing duties the Surrey Hills, Swinley and QE are all within easy reach.


And finally, why should someone shop at your shop?

We are a young and friendly shop with a lot of enthusiasm for all things two-wheeled. We’ll give you a smile and chew your ear off given half a chance, whilst offering the cheapest and fastest turn-around on servicing in the area.

We are also situated within a short drive of both QE park and Rogate DH, allowing for a bit of mid-ride retail therapy or a quick fix to get you back on your way if it comes to the worst.

We stock over 120 bikes, everything from kids’ bikes to race-ready DH rigs; plus all the P&A you could require from Hope, MRP, Nukeproof, Spank, Renthal, Race Face, Schwalbe, Maxxis and more.

Our extensive stock of clothing and protective’s from brands such as Leatt, Endura, Fox, 661, Giro, Bell, One Industries, Thor, 100%, Urge and others will leave you looking fast and feeling safe.


We are also the biggest Leatt supplier in the South; carrying a full range of neck braces and 3DF armour, plus the knowledge to correctly fit them for you.

We also have a great coffee machine!

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