Checkout this great creative edit from brakeless Canadian rider Sean Watson.

Who is Sean Watson?

I am just a person that loves to ride. I quit my job at a fabrication shop about a year and a half ago and decided to go work at Mud Sweat and Gears which is a bike shop that I had done a demo for previously. It also allowed me to ride a ton more. I love to try things that people don't really spend time trying to do on a bike, that's why trials was perfect for me, and that's why the Inspired Fourplay was perfect for me, it makes it easy to transition from street riding to trials riding or mix the two. So basically I like to keep things fresh.

Where you from?

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I would like it if it wasn't for the snow, but really I do like it, and maybe keep your eyes out for a snow video.....I have some interesting things to try in the slippery stuff.


I am now exactly 22 years and 4 months old

How long have you been riding?

I have been riding for roughly 8 years now, everyone of them a great one!

And how long have you been riding brakeless?

I have been riding brakeless for about 2 1/2 years now and I will continue to do it as long as I can, no matter how many people tell me I could be great with brakes. Haha, its not about being great, its all about the fun.

Why not BMX?

I have nothing against BMX, but I found it limiting, with the Fourplay I can switch styles, make things 'trialsy', make things streety, or a mish mash of whatever I like!


Photos from Inspiredbicycles.

Who are your favourite riders?

Favorite riders would have to be...

-Tate Roskelley (I was inspired by him for this video)

-Nigel Sylvester

-Chris Akrigg

-Danny Macaskill

-Any one who rides how they like!

I hear you have a strange pet?

My Girlfriend and I own a Spotted python named Echo, he is a great snake! I am also an owner of a new insane kitten named Abby.

What's next?

As for what's next, who knows really, I will continue to try and push myself in different ways, keep on having fun! and I would like to make a snow video this winter, I think I could get pretty creative in the slippery streets. I would also like to travel around a bit, make it over to the UK and I have always wanted to ride in New York city.

Shout outs?

I would like to thank, Inspired first of all for everything that they do for me! And my friends who are always willing to film me. My parents who have done nothing but support my riding. Also Paul from Mud Sweat and Gears who is the most supportive boss ever.

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