UPDATE: Just sat in Salzburg Banhnhof (thats station to you) chewing on a Schnitzel, pinching wifi and waiting for the 12:15 to Schladders. Weather here is sunny, but word is "rain" down Schladming way. As soon as I get to the Big S I'll sprint up the hill and grab a few track photos and video, should all be up on Dirt UK tea time all being well.

The final round of the UCI MountainBike World Cup is just a few days away in Schladming, Austria. DirtTV will be flying out there tomorrow morning to bring you all the news and views from round 8, the final.

After his amazing win at the Worlds in Canberra, Steve Peat still has a mathmatical chance of winning the overall too. Blenkinsop won it last year, after Fairclough took a digger while on a charge. It's still all to play for.

Here's how it looks after round 7.

1. Sam Hill 1219

2. Greg Minnaar 1203

3. Steve Peat 1150

4. Gee Atherton 1078

5. Mick hannah 929

Sabrina Jonnier has already wrapped up the womens overall, this is how the table looks going in to the final round.

1. Sabrina Jonnier 1602

2. Emmeline Ragot 1225

3. Tracy Moseley 1141

4. Floriane Pugin 904

5. Celine Gros 850

After missing out on the Worlds title Danny Hart is looking good to take the overall in Schladders this weekend.

1. Danny Hart 292

2. Aari Barrett 134

3. Willemse Rhys 133

4. Bernard Kerr 124

5. Harry Heath 122

6. Brook McDonald 90

7. Kevin Aiello 57

8. Harry Maloy 55

9. George Brannigan 54

Jared Graves has sewn up the 4x title but it's still game on for the runners up spot.

1. Jared Graves 675

2. Joost Wichman 491

3. Roger Rinderknecht 376

4. Romain Saladini 328

5. Dan Atherton 291

It's a three way fight for the overall in the womens 4x, with Beerten, Kintner and Griffiths all capable of the win.

1. Anneke Beerten 480

2. Fionn Griffiths 400

3. Jill Kintner 400

4. Melissa Buhl 235

5. Jana Horakova 205

http://mpora.com/videos/mptv More mountain-bike Other >>

The finals from Schladming 2008.

http://mpora.com/videos/mptv More mountain-bike Other >>

Schladming helmet cam 2008.

If you go to Mpora and type "Schladming" in to the search box, you'll find heaps more videos from last years final at Schladming.

DirtTV will be bringing you all the action and satisfaction, so sit tight and watch the drama unfold right here on Dirt.

2009 Schladming World Cup Preview