It's 10.45 pm here in Schladming and it is raining hard. The rain started falling shortly after 9pm this evening, which meant many missed the much anticipated fashion show. If it fell a bit earlier we could have had a good excuse to miss the bib ceremony too.

The bib ceremony involved an Austrian version of Alan Partridge interviewing the top ten DH and 4x riders on a stage in the town centre. For some unexplained reason the Austrian Partidge was accompanied by a man dressed in a very sad looking gorilla costume. The sad gorilla handed out the number boards with about as much enthusiasm as a sulky teenager at his Grannies birthday party.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

You might not be able to see it in this photo, but it is actually raining. If you could listen to the photo you would hear "pitter, patter".

Schladming Wednesday night weather report