The Åre bike festival swings into action this week in Sweden.

Dirt columist Rich "Cunny" Cunynghame is in Åre (the locals pronounce it "ore-eh") now and apart from doing some reportage about the event for the magazine he will be sitting on the judging panel for the Scandinavian Photo Challenge.

They say that at this time of year the sun hardly sets at night in Åre which leads to some amazing light for photos, Cunny is going to have a difficult time judging I reckon, have a read below to see what it's all about:

(Oh and where is Team UK?)


Monday July 5 is the starting day for the first ever edition of the Scandinavian Photo Challenge, one of the main events during the Åre Bike Festival in Åre, Sweden, northern Europe's premier bike town. Five individually invited photographers from around the world – carefully selected by world-class hometown photographer, Mattias Fredriksson – get the task of creating a seven minute slideshow together with teams consisting of four riders of their choice.

The epic northern light and never-setting midnight sun and one of the world's biggest bike parks is the perfect setting for a photo contest. The final results will be shown in front of a live audience at the Holiday Club Arena where a professional jury decides who gets a share of the 2000€ worth of prize money.

Daily updates, images and video from the event will be posted on

Team France


Stef Candé  -


Yannick Granieri

Pierre- Edouard Ferry

Tony Rocci

Antoine Dubourgnon

Team Norway


Vegard Breie –


Mats Andre Haugen

Kristoffer Haugland

Knut Løkås

Jørgen Storhaug

Team Scanada


Mattias Fredriksson –


Martin Söderström

Trond G Hansen

Darcy Turenne

Janne Tjärnström

Team Germany


Sebastian Schieck


Andi Wittmann

Carlo Dieckmann

Christian Textor

Andi Brewi

Team Canaska


Dan Barham –


Mike Hopkins

Robin Wallner

Linus Sjöholm

John Alm Högman

Special awards

Best scenic action

Best close-up action

Best urban

Best air

Best bike culture

Prize money

1st 1 250€

2nd 500 €

3rd 250€


Hans-Petter Hval – Fri Flyt Magazine

Richard Cunynghame – Dirt Magazine

Tobias Liljeroth – Åka Skidor Magazine

Henrik Ljungbladh – Åre Bike Park

Petter Löfstedt – Åre Bergscyklister


Photo:Mattias Fredriksson