The Scandinavian Photo Challenge was part of the Åre bike festival which went down in Sweden last week.

Dan Barham and Team Canaska took photographic gold with the win and hopefully we'll be able to show you the winning photos and more either here or in Dirt Magazine soon.

Johan Weimer documented the photo comp and here's what he had to say:

Team Canaska win the Scandinavian Photo Challenge with tough competition!

Scandinavian Photo Challenge Awards were held this Saturday night at the Holiday Club Arena, a stone's throw from Åresjön (Åre, Sweden). No less than 300 visitors enjoyed the magnificent slide shows from the teams, a total of five.

The level of the contributions was very high and it was quite obvious that both photographers and riders are among the best in the world. The amazing pictures showed a more beautiful Åre than ever seen before and tons of magnificient riding.

Team Canaska take the win:Photo Johan Weimer

Team Canaska with photographer Dan Barham ( at the head won the over all in this tough and popular contest. The team included four phenomenally talented cyclists, namely Robin Wallner (Sweden), Linus Sjöholm (Sweden), Mike Hopkins (Canada) and John Högman Alm (Sweden).

Scandinavian Photo Challenge Results

1. Team Canaska, Dan Barham

2. Team Scanada, Mattias Fredriksson

3. Germany, Sebastian Schieck

These teams won a total of 20 000 swedish crowns.

Photo:Mattias Fredriksson

Special awards:

Best scenic action - France

Best close up action - Scanada

Best urban - Norway

Best air - Canaska

Best bike culture - Scanada

Photo:Mattias Fredriksson

Team France

Photografer: Stef Candé -

Riders: Yannick Granieri, Pierre- Edouard Ferry, Tony Rocci, Antoine Dubourgnon

Team Norway

Photografer: Vegard Breie –

Riders: Mats Andre Haugen, Kristoffer Haugland, Knut Løkås, Jørgen Storhaug

Team Scanada

Photografer: Mattias Fredriksson –

Riders: Martin Söderström, Trond G Hansen, Darcy Turenne, Janne Tjärnström

Team Germany

Photografer: Sebastian Schieck

Riders: Andi Wittmann, Carlo Dieckmann, Christian Textor, Andi Brewi

Team Canaska

Photografer: Dan Barham –

Riders: Mike Hopkins, Robin Wallner, Linus Sjöholm, John Alm Högman

Photo:Mattias Fredriksson

Jury (judges)

Hans-Petter Hval – Fri Flyt

Richard Cunynghame – Dirt Magazine

Tobias Liljeroth – Åka Skidor

Henrik Ljungbladh – Åre Bike Park

Petter Löfstedt – Åre Bergscyklister

Team Norway photographer Vegard Breie in action.
Team Scanada photographer Mattias Fredriksson going for the aerial shot
Team France photographer Stef Candé will shoot even if a bike isn't in the shot. Photo:Johan Weimer
Team Scanada riders Darcy Turenne and Janne Tjärnström horsing around. Photo: Johan Weimer
Robin Wallner from Team Canaska. Photo:Johan Weimer