Blake Samson is the cosmic glue uniting these two dirt jump videos gems.

First up: 4A Trails Jam - No Teasing

Second on the bill: Secret Jumps

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Its here! Watch it and let it remind you of the good times, the t-shirt and shorts times. It features your mums favorites including Sam Pilgrim, Blake and Ray Samson, Ryan Nangle, Adam Williams, the list goes on...

We have a new site, new look and super rad range coming in the spring. Don't worry though we'll let you know when it arrives!

More Mountain Biking Videos

Thursday Session with Blake Sampson, Ryan Nangle and Chopper! Song is "Under the Stars" by Morning Parade. Shot on a Canon 7d at 24,30 and 60fps with a 50mm 1.8 and 18-135mm.