Some feel good Friday news for you now as it turns out Santa Cruz has donated half a million dollars to help build some new trails in the San Vincente Redwoods, California.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that the money will go towards 38 miles of multi-use trails that have been in development since 2013. The trails will be open to hikers, dogs, horses and mountain bikes, but the mountain bikes will be segregated to avoid any potential trail conflicts.

Bryan Largay, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s conservation director, who’s spearheading the public access plan, said: "What we’re really trying to do here is provide a great opportunity for people to get outside and connect with nature in a way that’s sensitive to the environment and has the highest standards for sustainability."

Due to community fears, the park will not be open at night and fires will not be allowed. The trails will also be routed to avoid sensitive natural areas... and places where mountain lions are known to den, which thankfully we don't have to worry about over here!

About $7 million is needed for the trails to be completed and with Santa Cruz's donation the total stands at $3.5 million. It is hoped the trails will be open by 2018.