Santa Cruz have just released details a new bike, the Blur TR Carbon.

Now when Big Mike here at Dirt heard the news he was "cock-a-hoop" or to put it another way "extremely happy".

You see, Mike has the original Blur 4x and loves the bike, here's what he says:

"I have an original Blur 4X and if this new TRc is a reincarnation of that bike then we are in for a treat. The 4X was a great bike (Santa Cruz no longer make it) with a geometry and feel very much aimed at UK 'hooning' around.

It was solid too (maybe a bit too solid!). Santa Cruz say, 'Our new Blur TRc is almost a spitting image of the old 4X in terms of geometry, but it has 10mm more travel and the frame is about two and a half pounds lighter'. If these claims are true then this could be a special bike, and one that every UK rider may/will want to own. Of course until we get the bike in our hands this is all just talk...we're just waiting for that box from Cali to drop on to the doormat."

The Blur 4x

An entirely new addition to our family, the Blur TRc defines what we think a trail bike should be. Crafted from carbon fiber, featuring our proprietary lay-up process, the frame weighs a scant 5 pounds with shock included. Patented VPP suspension offers 5 inches of travel and combined with the carbon fiber frame, chassis rigidity is second to none. The top tube length and riding position are evolved from our climb-happy xc bikes – a bit more stretched out than on our longer travel rigs – but mated to a relaxed head angle that is sure to make any dedicated gravity fiend weep with joy.

VPP suspension, 5" travel
Carbon fibre frame and swingarm
Dropouts, disc-tabs, suspension pivots molded into frame during one piece layup lighter, stronger, stiffer.
24lb as pictured weight

Available in Matte Carbon/Green or Gloss Carbon/Orange

$2699 US MSRP frame with Fox RP23 - Complete bikes from $3799

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