The riders at Loosefest make the jumps look so smooth and easy you start to wonder if maybe you could hit them yourself - that is until you see something like this. Sam Reynolds' weekend ended a bit early after this huge crash and a very lucky escape.

Sam posted a picture of the crash on Instagram soon after and the good news is that it seems like he's ok. He said: "Loosefest ended a little early for me. Play with fire and get burnt! In bed now and resting up for Hillbilly Huckfest."

Reynolds was attempting a super seat indy but missed on the bars before the landing resulting in this huge smash. He apparently feels like he's been "hit by a bus" but it seems bruising is the worst of his injuries and he'll be back riding again for the Hillbilly Huckfest next weekend - he was even taking photos with spectators later in the afternoon. Tough lad.

We reckon the crash could be on the next highlights reel of the weekend but until that drops why not check out the best of the action so far here.