The Saas Fee glacier race takes place next weekend Sunday 13th, it's another mass start bonkers affair. 3500m of altitude, Le mans style running start, a reported 60mph top speed and all on snow and ice.

If you want to read the press release then here it is:

Sunday, 13th April 2008. Up there at 3,500 m the atmosphere will be electric, the suspense becomes more intense and adrenalin races through the body. The competitors look askance at each other. On the bike, the last screws are tightened and checked. In ten minutes the starting signal will go off for the Saas-Fee Glacier Bike Downhill 2008.

The competing bikers are not the only ones here who will create an atmosphere of excitement. No, even the terrain contributes to the suspense. It’s not going to be as usual, up hill and down dale, oh no, over snow and ice they’ll race down to Saas-Fee, the glacier village.

The glacier bike downhill begins with a mass start. The mountain bikers start at the Mittelallalin at 3,500m. Not only does the altitude prove a challenge, though, but also the surface. The racers head downhill on snow and ice, not on the usual surface of rock. The action starts at 8.30 a.m. The cyclists race down the slope at break-neck speed. They head down the Fee glacier to the Morenia area, where they face a new challenge: the surface changes from hard ice to soft spring snow, conditions which less experienced racers struggle with. But everyone struggles here, and they have only reached the half-way point of the 8km-long course. It is at this point that things really start getting exciting and the competitors have to race through extremely steep passages. When they have almost reached the finish, they have to start pedalling hard again because the last 500-meter-long section on a path has to be completed through sheer manpower: a real test for both the racers and their equipment.

Then they finally reach the finish at 1,800 m above sea-level: a big relief for burning hands, arms and calves! The first over the line in the women’s and men’s categories each wins a week in Saas-Fee including ski-pass. So don’t miss it, whether as a spectator or a competitor: the glacier bike downhill 2008 has something for everyone.

Absolutely sensational – the downhill test run in Saas-Fee If you aren’t sure if you want to participate in the glacier bike downhill or if you are looking for optimal preparation for the race, there is a test run for you to use this year. From 7th to 12th of April cyclists can try out their skill on a section from Felskinn at 3,000 m above sea-level via various traverses to the Fun Park.

Saas fee glacier race