Redhill Extreme - it's a well-known 4X race venue on the edge of the Forest of Dean (where we're based), but out of hours it makes for one hell of a fun evening or weekend riding spot.

Set on a gently sloping field overlooking the River Severn, Redhill is quite some venue for an evening session in the sun. It's open Wednesdays when the sun is shining and for six quid you can ride from 4 till dark. Its owner Neil Griffin is laid back to the max, clearly devoted to and passionate about his tracks and happy to drive the truck up the hill until the very last rider is out of energy.

It's an incredibly relaxed affair with riders chilling on the hillside, shuttles in the back of the trailer taking somewhere around 30 seconds and the ride back down twice that. Rollers, tables, berms, step ups/downs and all sorts of fun stuff to ride on a hardtail or pretty much any bike for that matter. There's always folk on a variety of steeds and everyone is clearly very welcome.

The place is also open Sundays in summer, but always be sure to check Redhill's Facebook page before heading over for notifications of any closures.

Video cut and shut by Ben Winder. Riders: James McKnight, Morgane Charre, Vivian Jones.