OK, so you should know that were two 'UK Enduro Series' for 2016 (read all about it here). It was confusing for everybody, but that has now changed (in name at least). There is the British Enduro Series sponsored by Cannondale (run by BDS race orgainser Si Paton), and the UK Enduro Series (run by Neil Delafield) that was sponsored by Marin. The news is that Marin are no longer the title sponsor and that Rocky Mountain have taken over that role. Clear as mud!

Here's the full press release:


UK Enduro joins forces with Rocky Mountain Bikes for 2016

UK Enduro announces headline sponsorship deal with Rocky Mountain bikes.

The UK Enduro Series supported by Rocky Mountain Bikes is a brand new National MTB Enduro Series hitting trails around the UK next year.

Since launching the series earlier this year, UK Enduro has announced seven race weekends at locations across the country and has already seen huge interest from riders with all rounds selling places fast.

The addition of Rocky Mountain Bikes as main sponsor will ensure all riders will get the chance to see and try the 2016 Rocky Mountain range at each event as well as win some exclusive prizes along the way.

Riders will also be treated to a mix of natural and man made courses from fast and flowing to steep and techy. The organisers assure racers of all levels a chilled, ‘ride with your mates’ approach and trails that will keep you buzzing well after the racing has finished.

More information on each of the venues and the series as a whole can be found at www.mtb-enduro.co.uk

More information on the 2016 Rocky Mountain range can be found at www.greenoversports.com

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word today and get ready to race your mates at some of the UK’s best riding spots in 2016.

Welcome to the UK Enduro Series supported by Rocky Mountain 2016!

Photo: Matt Wragg.