Road Bike Party 3 - San Diego

After the first Road Bike Party video we all thought that Martyn Ashton couldn't better it, before he got the chance to a horrific crash left him unable to ride at the same level again but that didn't stop him finishing the film. With a little bit of help from Chris Akrigg and Danny Macaskill the guys shot the remaining sections and made one of the most successful films we've seen in recent years.


Not one to sit back and rest Martyn has masterminded another film, this time bringing Sam Pilgrim to the fore and letting a rider we know for having on front tooth and a massive trick bag loose on a road bike. Sit back and take in Sam Pilgrim in lycra getting wild on a road bike, massive props to Martyn Ashton too for not letting his injury defeat him and he continues to rip on two wheels today.