Help Scott Shepard's charity, Rider Down Trust by entering this competition with a chance to win yourself a spanking new custom built Dartmoor Shine.

Graham Foot from Slam69 has set up this great comp which gives you a chance to win a super pimped blue and white custom Dartmoor Shine and also help out a worth while charity.


Win this custom bike worth £2500!!!

It'll only cost you £1 and all the money goes to the Scott Shepherd Rider Down Trust.

All you have to do is click then read the question and click "Buy" on either answer A, B or C.

The frame for this bike is the Dartmoor Shine, 100mm travel jump frame,the rear shock is a FOX RP23 supplied by Mojo Suspension.

The rest of the components are:

Forks - Manitou Circus Expert 100mm.

Headset - Dartmoor Flash.

Bars - Swing Low. S

tem - Dartmoor Funky 25.4mm.

Cranks - Dartmoor Flares.

Sprocket - Dartmoor trance.

BB - Dartmoor Euro 19mm.

Chain - Core.

Pedals - Dartmoor Downtowns

Seat Post - Dartmoor Fusion pivitol.

Seat - Dartmoor Fatty.

Rear Brake - FUNN Hydro, 160mm rotor.



Front, Dartmoor 2012 Raider rim with X-drive 20mm hub, built with blue Dartmoor Stainless spokes and graphite ally nipples.

Rear, Dartmoor 2012 Fortress rim with X-drive singlespeed hub, built with blue Dartmoor stainless spokes and graphite ally nipples.

Tyres - Halo H-Blok white/black wall.

Value - £2500

Rider Down Trust info.

The Rider Down Trust was founded in 2011 following Scott Shepherds serious crash at Round 2 of the Schwalbe British 4X at PORC. Scott sustained traumatic brain injuries as a result of the crash on the 8th May 2011. Although injuries to this extent are very rare, they are becoming more and more common due to the increased interest in cycling, especially mountain bike and BMX. Scott was classed as being in a coma for nearly 5 months and nearly a year on has progressed to minimally concious, but of course this is still very limiting and he is totally dependant on others for all his care and needs.

What does The Rider Down Trust aim to achieve?

As Scott's family, we found that support was very difficult to attain. Much of the support available is aimed at people with less severe brain injury and therefore very difficult to get the right advice at the right time. Also due to the lack of information in the public, we still find that people do not understand the situation Scott is in and, although not down to ignorance, this makes it very difficult for people who know him to deal with the situation.

We felt that we wanted to offer a service to cyclists who have been through a similar traumatic situation, initially this service is for sufferers of traumatic brain injury (TBI) but we hope to role out the service to help cyclists with any serious injury across the UK. The cycling community as a whole, may be divided by the type of bike they ride but everyone is united in supporting fallen riders and we aim to be the first stop for individuals and their families when such an incident occurs.

The Trust can offer support to individuals through specific advice for their situation and injuries, one to one support when needed, financial grants available to help with travelling if the injured cyclist is at hospital away from home. Although we have predetermined goals we do not limit to these and if we can help in any other way other than what we lay out we will ultimately do our best to accommodate all situations.

We also are aiming to set up a group to help seriously injured riders to keep their social experiences and keep riding by providing access to specialist cycle equipment in a safe environment. This will ultimately be based in Derby however we plan to work with similar organisations across the UK to provide this to as many people as possible.

The Rider Down Trust is a very new charitable organisation, but awareness for our cause is growing rapidly enabling us to get out there and help more people. The more people we are able to help the more money we need to raise to be able to offer the best service we possibly can. The funds we raise will go to providing the advice and financial support which injured riders and their families need when they need it, as well as going towards purchasing the cycle equipment to provide the rehabilitation service and social integration that is so important to sufferers of life long disabilities as a result of their injuries.

To riders like Scott, who's passion was to ride, to give them the opportunity to continue with this passion and help them retain their sense of identity is crucial to their well being and mental stability throughout their lives. It is currently being brought to the attention of the media that although science has developed in leaps and bounds in order to increase survival rates, little is available to support these individuals once they are stable. Even the number of hospitals capable of giving full and adequate care to these people is very limited and often a long commute for their families.

As a trust we aim to support as many people as possible, and our aim for 2012 is to raise at least £15,000 in order for us to keep getting out there and offer these services. Whether the rider has sustained a brain or spinal injury or a broken bone we will offer the service that each individual needs. The grants we offer are to help with travel costs for the family if the patient is in hospital out of their home town, or to cover basic costs if the person is in hospital for two weeks or more to relieve financial hardship and grants are available up to £500 (dependant on severity of injury and length of hospital stay)

To enter the competition click

Simply tick the correct answer to a very tough question.

Pay your pound and keep those fingeres crossed.

You can enter as many times as you wish. The comp ends on Friday June 24th.

With luck we can have the winner anounced for the next round of the 4X on the 25th/26th at Redhill.

Comp results will be posed on the slam69 and rider down sites.