Richard 'Cunny' Cunynghame looks like he should be in a band himself, no not Kajagoogoo, i'm thinking more Stone Roses or something, any way here's the Cunnster's favourite tunes at the moment.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Top Five Tracks:

1. Bat for Lashes - Prescilla

2. Clark - Ted

3. Tricky - Contradictive

4. Stooges - Gimme Danger

5. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Top Five Albums:

1. Evil Nine - Fabriclive Mix

2. Primal Scream - XTRMNTR

3. Ian Brown - The World is Yours

4. Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More

5. Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

Clark - Ted (from Body Riddle)