:::PRESS RELEASE::: 19/11/2007

RHUK, exclusive distributors of Spank, are very proud to announce the signing of pro dirt rider Tom Dowie for 2008.

Tom will join current team riders Jamie Taylor and Simon Brettle as part of Spank's UK Collection.

Tom's arsenal will consist of a Spank Puff 4X race bike complete with Spank and Element confectionery and an equally slick Spank Smoke jump bike. Both bikes will be running standard issue Subrosa and Stiffy rims and you'll probably find some of the new Royala Collection glitzing his rides up.

Expect to see Tom at his usual spots and competing in KoD, NPS and WC 4X and more. Tom's got big plans for 2008 and we wish him the best of luck.

For more info and images, keep an eye on the website.