The Utah based cliff hucking competition is back on this year. The event has had a break of a couple of years but looks set to return this year. There isn't anything official on any web site yet, all we know is that the event is scheduled for October. We'll bring you more news when we get it.

Rachel Atherton has just told us that she and her bro's are out in Utah sessioning the 2008 RedBull Rampage course.

"We headed to the old Rampage site and I was so stoked to be there, I could recognise everything from videos but to see it first hand is nuts, I couldn’t believe how big some stuff was and how amazing the landscape was. we scoped out a few existing lines and hit them up, getting used to the new short travels and the weird dirt that just crumbles away, and just soaking things up and getting to know everyone."

"Gibson built Affy this gap over this round cliff gap thing, I looked at it and thought it would be on, the landing was way off camber, then I looked at it from the side and was like, holy shit no way, too big! I reckon it was 20-25 feet out and high, anyways I hit it a few times and it was fine so I was stoked on that. Stoked that Gibby built such a cool gap too, we are going out get t shirts made that say 'I sent the Gibby gap! ‘Gibby is cool, we haven’t really spent much time with him before now but he is pretty similar to us, his personality, I think he is real funny and we all get on so good. He’s the kind of guy who I feel at ease with right away and his photos are sick! actually all the guys are so rad, I feel like I’ve known them for ages not just a week, and the stuff the NWD boys do, the amount of work they put into their films to get them right is cool to see, and Todd, the effort he puts in to rage, talking to him, seeing how he loves it, its rad. and so that’s that for now, yesterday the boys rode this line, big drops to big gap to massive natural tabletop.

Affy was grinning like a Cheshire pussycat, never seen him so stoked, and they built this hip to, I was the dust lady, shovelling dirt to get the dust cloud just right for the photos, Gee bailed from so high up and was falling right above me, I could see how big his eyes were and it was just so weird seeing him like that! But I saw some of the photos and holy shit I was impressed!"

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Red Bull Rampage