Rachel Atherton is a natural born winner. Just look at her past two seasons of racing for proof of that. Her unbeaten streak is unparalleled in mountain biking (and probably most sport) and if she was in a more mainstream sport she would be a national treasure, no question.

Unfortunately, it looks like she's on the verge of losing for the first time in a long time. This time though it's the BT Sport Action Woman Awards. Atherton won the first ever Award back in 2013 and is hunting it down again after her perfect season this year.

Eyes on the prize. As mentioned Rachel Atherton will want to win here in Vallnord, but with the series wrapped up she must have her sights set on the World Championships in Val di Sole, which are just one week away?

Unfortunately, the competition is currently being led by Charlotte Dujardin, the dressage (horse dancer) Olympic gold medallist. Now, we're all for Team GB success, but surely that's more down to the horse than the rider, she just has to sit there!

Dujardin currently has 49 per cent of the vote but Rach is second with 20 per cent. Let's give her some support and mountain biking some more mainstream exposure.

Get voting here. All you have to do is click on her picture, couldn't be simpler and there's no registering involved. Easy.

Rachel Atherton finish line
Rachel Atherton finish line