If you want some distraction from your desk at work then good news, Pumped BMX 3 is released today for Android and iOS.

Pumped BMX 1 and 2 were massively popular among the BMX crowd and number three looks to be no different. Sure it looks like a hundred other games on the App store but the great visual style and realistic physics really set this one apart.

You play as one of 15 pro BMXers (including Mick "Hucker" Clark and Tom Dugan) throwing down tricks across 60 levels. With 720 challenges to complete and the abillity to customise bikes there's no chance you'll be getting bored any time soon either.


As rad as this looks we can't help but think the big tricks would look more stylish on bigger bikes, and how cool would it be to play as Semenuk, Pilgrim or Soderstrom? Let's hope an mtb version is in the pipeline.

The game costs £3.99 and you can download it now.