PORC (Penhurst Off Road Centre) bike park has gone up for sale with a guide price of "at least £2 million".

It may seem like a hefty price to pay, but with a heap of downhill runs, a set of dirt jumps, a race series every summer that attracts more than a hundred riders each round and even an XC loop all set in 32 acres, there's a lot here for your money - especially given how ridiculous property prices are in the South East.

Two years ago, Mike Westphal, the owner, sold a quarter of the land at PORC and the clubhouse to a trio of roadies who have plans to build a one-mile road circuit. He is now selling the remaining 32 acres of downhill tracks, MTB and cyclo-cross trails plus his house in the woods (featured on the Discovery Channel) and other outbuildings.

Old-skool cool Credit: PORC

He's hoping it will be snapped up by an mtb enthusiast who will carry on running it as a bike park -  as are we, we'd hate to see it turned into houses.

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