The team have been having a bit of a rough one recently and it doesn't help when a dog runs out on your race run!! Rachel Atherton also commented after the race about a dog lunging into the track on her race run but this time it fully darted onto the track in front of Guillaume. Here's an update on the team from Oliver Gough and a video of the moment it all very nearly went wrong for hound and rider!

Words: Oliver Gough

Photos: Dave Trumpore

The weekend was a tough one for the whole Hutchinson UR team at the Mont Saint Anne World Cup.

First of all, Mick has chosen to postpone his come-back to World Cup racing for a bit longer as he doesn't feel physically ready yet. He will probably start racing again at Whistler Crankworx and then Méribel World Cup finals in France.

Fabien was struggling going back onto his DH bike. He had a bad qualifying run and didn't make it to the finals.

Guillaume had lots of fun on this very technical and physical track, but unfortunately had a huge crash on Thursday, resulting in him having to cruise for his qualy run where he ended up 50th. On race day a dog jumped out into the middle of the track during his run in the toughest rock garden of the year , he was therefore allowed a re-run by the UCI commissaires. But his bad luck continued as he got a puncture after only 30 seconds on his re-run, therefore resulting in a DNF.

Tracey had a really difficult weekend, with a huge crash on Thursday too, one of the biggest crashes for her this year. On Friday, mechanicals kept her from practicing properly, and so on Saturday for the finals she was faced with having to jump the huge final jump for the first time during her race run! She managed it like a pro and got an excellent 5th place, which is her 3rd podium this year! Such a great result before going to Windham next weekend for the 6th WC race.

On the Slopestyle side of things, Sam Reynolds took part in the Gold FMB event called City 8 in Quebec City, after qualifying 4th he got a great 5th place in the finals not far behind the world top riders with a great run composed of a neat 360 drop, a huge flip-whip, and a 360 tail whip amongst other cool tricks.

The week before back in the UK, Sam got 1st at the Jackgear Invitational, therefore getting 2 great results on both sides of the Atlantic!

We can't wait to see what Sam can pull off at the Whistler JoyRide in 2 weeks time.

Fabien is off to Whistler to join the Polygon UR boys in racing the Crankworx EWS, while Guillaume and Tracey will be representing the HutchinsonUR DH team in Windham.

A video will recap these 2 weeks of WC racing and the City 8 Slopestyle event after the Windham World Cup !