If you live in the South West then the Plym Valley Cycle Hub need your help right now to support plans for a proposed trail centre.

Dirt reader Rob Pinkey got in touch and asked for help, there is a planning meeting tonight and I know it's a bit last minute but please show your support on the http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plym-Valley-Cycle-Hub/ and also on the Plymouth Council planning website


Photo:Nic Randall Plymouth Post

Here's what Rob told us:

I live in Plymouth and have been into mountain biking for as long as I can remember. Before Gawton existed, we had to settle with Cann Woods in Plymouth, which are in no way extreme, but it's good to have on your doorstep and hey, sometimes you don't want to 'go hard' and just want a short ride around there.

Back in 2009 the National Trust came up with the idea for a trail centre in Plym Woods (next door to Can) and everyone seemed to think that it was a good idea, since Exeter had just finished Haldon Trail Centre. I know trail centres are not DH originated and mainly aimed at the beginner or families, but this is a great place for people to get into the sport, everyone has to start somewhere right?

In the last week or so a group of people have started to pipe up saying that this new cycle centre is a bad idea. The reasons behind it seem to vary, widely! Some people seem to think that motor bikes will be using it, some think that we will be screaming our way around it as it's 'extreme'. Basically this group are causing problems and we are in need of some support. We've already held a demonstration (last night) and almost 300 people turned up in support, which is great.

We need people to join our Facebook page 'Plym Valey Cycle Hub' and I'm asking for your help.