As far as I can understand the UCI National Champ jersey fiasco is not a new rule. From what I can gather previously, national bodies could apply to the UCI to run just armbands on the jersey, it seems the UCI topdogs got wind of this relaxing of the rule and have reinstated the full jersey rule. Make sense to you?

Whatever, I think it's wrong in a climate where it's hard enough for riders to find sponsors to then restirct their logo's on a riders shirt.

Top riders will now surely boycott their National Championships so they do not have to be burdened with the jersey.

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6. National Champion's jersey

1.3.068 National road, track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike, BMX, trials and indoor cycling champions must wear their

jersey in all events in the discipline, speciality and category in which they won their title and no other event.

For the purpose of this rule, the team time trial is put on a par with the individual time trial.

In a six-day event, only madison national champions must wear the jersey even if they are not paired together.

(N) When he no longer holds the title of national champion, a rider must wear piping in national colours on

the collar and cuffs of his jersey as per the technical specifications determined by the national federation.

However, he must wear such a jersey only in events of the discipline and speciality in which he won the title and

in no other event.

Wearing the national champion’s jersey or piping in national colours is prohibited as soon as the anti-doping

commission, after the review described in article 186 of the anti-doping rules, asserts that the rider committed an

anti-doping violation and until his definitive acquittal.

1.3.069 On the national champion’s jersey, the following advertising spaces shall be authorised:

• on the front and back of the jersey, in a rectangle 10 cm high,

• area comprising shoulders and sleeves : maximum 5 cm high in a single line,

• on the sides of the jersey : a 9 cm wide strip,

• the manufacturer’s label (25 cm2) may appear once only on the jersey and once on each leg of the shorts.

These advertising spaces shall be reserved for the rider’s usual sponsors.

The wearer of a national champion’s jersey shall be entitled to match the colour of his shorts to that of the jersey.