From X-Lite components, to Royal clothing to Lizard Skin grips, Peaty has always been a great source of input to any product. His latest product is a little bit different though.

Meet the Dee Dar 'Peaty's Push-On's' silicone valve caps, made by the folks at UberBike. This idea is that they will replace your current valve caps, whether they be schrader or presta.

UberBike said: "Just give it a pull, and feel the snug fit come off in your fingers!" We'll just leave that there.

As easy as it is to mock them though, we can see a use for them. In winter who wants to take their gloves off to unscrew (and inevitably lose) a fiddly valve cap. Much better to just tug this off.

Peaty announced the caps on Instagram last night. He said: "Been a long time getting this product going, but stoked to introduce you to #peatyspushons by Dee Dar, I worked with the Uber Bike Components guys to finally get there and deliver them to you guys. Will fit any valve and simply Push it on and pull it off. NO screwing involved!!"

If you've got five minutes, go and have a read through the comments, they're hilarious.

If you want to get your hands around one of Peaty's then they're £4.99 for two. Pick yourself up a pair here.