It might not mean much yet but Steve Peat and Rachel Atherton go fastest in the Hafjell timed training session!

1. Steve Peat 3:46.825

2. Matt Simmonds 3:47.608

3. Andrew Neethling 3:47.630

1. Rachel Atherton 4:16.080

2. Floriane Pugin 4:24.052

3. Morgane Charre 4:29.900

The riders seem to like the track!

Steve Smith: my mind was blown today. Everything you want in a dh track. What a amazing day of bikes in Norway.

Rachel Atherton: Track here in Norway is pretty rad! It's got a little of everything and is pretty slippery in the gnar rocks.Loving the big first jumps :-)

Bryn Atkinson: Mega day on the hill, this track's got it all- Gap's, high speed, roots, rocks, steeps, holes and a few little ruts. Freezing ass cold here though!

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