Actually it's an otter not a beaver, but beaver sounds soo much better.

Well the news is that there is going to be a new event at this year's Sea Otter Classic. It is called the SRAM "Dual Stunt" and basically adapts a Dual Slalom race format to a flat course featuring wood and dirt obstacles.

It works with two racers who compete side-by-side on identical 400-foot long courses scattered with notorious North Shore-style elements like wooden bridges and dirt jumps. The timed event pits competitors against each other where the maximum time differential can only reach 1.5 seconds. The slower racer either makes up the time and advances or concedes defeat – same as in Dual Slalom. The event kicks off on Friday, April 18 with qualifying rounds.

It looks kinda like this: More Mountain Biking Videos >>

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Otter or beaver?