And now for something a little bit different. Tristan Merrick hosts an audio podcast focusing solely on racing at the Downhill World Cup and the World Enduro series. In the 'studio' he has guests ranging from regular Seb Kemp, to Jeremiah Boobar, Curtis Keene, Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar. They discuss upcoming races and dissect them when they're done, offering predictions and analysis of results (and excuses for getting it wrong).


I've listened to most of them and have pretty impressed for the most part with the guests offering a very interesting insight inside racing and the industry. We've all got our own opinions about races and racers and its great that this lot aren't afraid to share their views.

The intention seems to be to have a regular podcast around race dates with a changing cast of guests and they've got Sven Martin in on the act running their instagram account. You can subscribe to the podcast through Itunes or Podomatic depending on your preference. Otherwise, listen to all the current issues below.

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